OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack

OnePlus announced their New Type-C Bullets and provided an overview for the same. Moreover, Confirming that OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack and OnePlus would be selling the new Type-C Bullets in replacement.

This was expected by many tech experts and many rumors also came regarding the same, But OnePlus on Sept, 13th introduced their Type-C Bullets and cleared all the rumors and confirmed OnePlus 6T with no headphone Jack.

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OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack, Type-C Bullets announced
OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack, Type-C Bullets announced


OnePlus Quoted this in their announcement upon Type-C Bullets, “Our original goal with the Type-C Bullets was to bring the audio standards of the Bullets V2 to a pair of Type-C earphones. As we progressed through different iterations, we found many different places to further enhance your listening experience. We can’t wait to share the OnePlus Type-C Bullets with you in the months to come”


Sources of the Leak: Official OnePlus Announcement:

OnePlus on Thursday, the 13th Sept Tweeted this tweet. Announcing the new Type-C Bullets apparently for the new OnePlus 6T as it will be coming with no Headphone jack!

Reason for Removing the Headphone Jack from OnePlus 6T?

The main reason OnePlus itself has to announce maybe during the launch of OnePlus 6T but as of now, In an interview Carl Pei revealed the reason for its removal, and it’s clearly not something everyone would agree to it.

Apparently, removing the headphone jack will allow more space within the device internal componential area, which in turn allows the company to “put more new technology into the product”. One such improvement mentioned is the increased battery life, presumably because a bigger battery could then be included.


Enhancements with the new Type-C Bullets

The Type-C Bullets have a few enhancements made by OnePlus, which introduces DAC, which can offer a higher dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and a lower noise floor.

OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack, Type-C Bullets DAV
OnePlus 6T Leak: No Headphone Jack, Type-C Bullets DAV

USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack converter will also be included in the box of the OnePlus 6T. It’s unknown if a set of earphones or headphones will be included in the box, but the company has never done so in the past.


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